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Domain IP Address history since first detections. Only IP changes recorded.

DNS, Domain Name System, is a kind of service which permits you to point your domain name and its IP address to any hosting account over the internet. This facility is provided to you free of cost. The reason that the service is available free of cost is that it helps in boosting the online business. It is just not an important service to have. If you are really looking forward to boost your online business then you can go for the DNS.

To get the DNS facility you need to enter the IP address of the domain name you wish to enter. It can be an IP address or the domain name. When you enter the domain name you will be asked to enter an IP address. Just click on the 'enter' button and you will be given the option of the DNS logon.

Once you have entered the IP address you will be asked for a username and a password. You will be asked to logon with the given username and password. Usually you are asked for a normal user name and a normal password. So you should change the password at least once to avoid the possibility of getting caught.

When you log in the domain name server you will be shown a message such as there is a name already registered with that IP address. You will be shown the message 'Please enter the hostname' and you will be given the option to enter a domain name or a URL. Click on the'submit' button and you will be asked to enter the IP address you were earlier directed to. You will see the IP address printed on the screen.

Once you are done with this step you can browse the web pages. In this process you will be redirected from the domain name servers to the IP address you specified. Thus you will be able to find the desired site. In order to access your site you will send your domain name in the mail box. The mail box will contain a reply email like you sent it. You should then read the email carefully.

You can read the message and make sure the IP address belongs to the domain name you specified in the mail box. If it does, you can proceed to checkout the web page and access your site. The address is verified by an NTP server. You can also view the graphical host name of the domain name and the numerical address.

After you have browsed all the required information you can check the expiration date of the IP address you used. Most of the sites allow you to set the expiration date. You can also set the transfer expiration date. If you want to reset the transfer expiration you will have to click on the'reset transfer' link. This will erase all the old log files and replace them by the new ones you have created.

If you are using a static IP address you should also take care of its numerical address. It is important that the domain name and its IP address are right so that you can visit your site. If you are changing your numerical address you should ensure that it is the one you have used when you were logging in to your domain name account. You will have to use the'setsegrp' command to change the IP address. You can use the 'netmask' field to mask the different parts of the IP address in order to make the numerical address more difficult to be tracked back to you.
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